Every so often I will work with someone who has a particular theme in mind for a shoot. This shoot was a 1960s pin-up style shoot. I did a little searching on social media and found some willing volunteers that had vehicles in which they let us use for the pictures.


The time of day we were shooting was in the late afternoon and early evening. It was starting to get somewhat dark. During the whole shoot I used one to two Yongnuo 565ex speed lights. At times I had one of the speed lights in a octabox and at other times I shot both speed lights bare bulb. In this set of photos all of the images were captured using two speed lights bare bulb except for the head shot in color which was captured using an octabox.



All of these images were created using a Fuji xt 10 and a Fujinon 55 – 200 F3.5 – 4.8 lens.



So I started photography back in the film days and I still shoot it. I particularly love black and white film and the whole process of developing it. It just feel so much more hands on and organic. It’s very rare that I do not bring a film camera along when doing a photo shoot. These black and white images below were shot with a medium format Bronica ETRS. The film used was Ilford Delta 400.




In the image below you can see the octagon I used in the reflection of the door.