In 2008 Polaroid announced they were ceasing production of their line of instant film. Later that year Impossible Project announced they were going to keep the film alive. They purchased some of the machinery from Polaroid but had to reformulate the chemicals needed for the film. Although, it was not impossible, they did it. Excitement was everywhere for the niche group of people who still enjoyed shooting instant film. Once the film released many were disappointed. With long development times and sub par results the film produced many thought shooting the film was not worth the money or time. However, hardcore enthusiasts still supported the company and the film.

This past summer I took a Vintage and Toy Camera class at Brookhaven College. One of the assignments for the class was to shoot instant film. Although I dreaded spending the money on the film I did anyway. I shot the Polaroid Spectra with color and black and white Impossible Project Spectra film. The results below.





Fast forward to about a month and a half ago and I heard rumors that Impossible Project was going to announce something soon. People were hyping it up a lot. The news was going to be well worth the wait. Announcing Polaroid Originals. So back in May of 2017 Impossible Project bought the Polaroid name from Polaroids largest shareholder. In September 2017 Polaroid Originals released all new films and announced a new camera which is the Polaroid One Step 2 . As soon as I heard about the release of the new film I rushed over to Dons Used Photo Equipment and purchased some Polaroid Originals Spectra film . Once I shot this new film I was surprised, shocked, and in love with the results. Below are the results from the first pack of Polaroid Originals film I shot.







So with this new film, along with better image quality, users also get faster development times as well as getting the film at a lower price point. The film is roughly five U.S. dollars less expensive than it was previously. As you can tell, the pictures are sharper and more rich with color than previously as Impossible Project. While these results from Impossible Project were not an instant success as this took years in the making, I would say that this instant film is a tremendous success.