Sivion is a musician residing in Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. He’s been creating music for more than 20 years now. Shortly after he started performing live in the Dallas area I became a fan of his soulful, positive, lighthearted music. Eventually, I had the pleasure of meeting Sivion at a local event. Back then I was a newbie in photography and I was combining both my passions, photography and music, as often as I could. I would go to local shows and take as many photos as possible. I’d share my pictures with friends, post them on the internet, and show my work to whoever wanted to see it.

After photographing an event that Sivion performed at, one of my pictures ended up becoming a CD cover to a live performance that was recorded at the Gypsy Tea Room, which is now where the Prophet Bar is located.


Over the years Sivion and I have kept in touch mainly though social media. After recording his 5th studio album, Dark Side Of The Cocoon, he still needed the artwork for his album cover. So we put our heads together to create what would be the images for his newest release. Sivion’s previous work has come across as very lighthearted and melodic but this project was different. He wanted something that was more dark which went along with the feel of the emotion within the content of the album. We set up a day and time and decided we would shoot the photos in his living room. I reassured him I could create whatever he needed for the album. The night I went over to his place it was cold, stormy, and windy, which is actually kind of a parallel to the feel of the album. I set up a simple black backdrop and one flash inside of a octabox which was placed to the right of the camera and him. After a short while we got what we needed. Job complete. (Previously, we had met up and made some photographs outside for the album as well). Below are the original images for the album. There were two different pictures used for the back as one is for the CD version and the other is for the vinyl album.

Picture for the front cover:


Gear used: Fuji XT 10, Fujinon 55 – 200 F3.5 – 4.8 lens, Yongnuo 565 EX speedlight inside of a Newer octabox.

Picture for the back cover of the CD:


Gear used: Fuji xt 10 with a Fujinon 18 – 55 F2.8 – 4.0 lens

Picture for the back cover of the vinyl record:


Gear used: Fuji xt 10 with a Fujinon 18 – 55 F2.8 – 4.0 lens

This has become my favorite albums that he has created thus far. It’s deep, it’s personal, and it will speak to you. I look forward to more projects from him in the future.

Sivion is also a member of the hip hop collective Deepspace 5 which just released their newest project “5:55“. All proceeds from this album goes to support hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.