For the last couple of months I’ve been seeing a bag somewhat like this being advertised on Facebook. I tossed around the idea of purchasing one so that I could use it to carry around some camera gear. I liked that it was smaller than what I already had, however, just by the photos online I was not sure if it would work out for what I wanted to use it for. I decided to go by the local Army Navy store to see what they had in stock and I came across the Fox Tactical Stinger Sling Bag for $39.95. I decided to purchase it and give it a try. I recently had a shoot and took everything I needed in this bag. I thought I’d write this review in case anyone else was looking for a solution to a smaller pack.


I wanted to add some padding so I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some foam for $3.99. I measured out the bottom of the bag and cut three pieces the exact same size. Two of the pieces I super glued together (the bottom two pieces you see in the picture above) and the third I left unglued (the piece standing up vertical). When placed in the bag like this I can carry two lenses side by side without them directly hitting one another. If I am going to carry my camera in the bag with a lens attached and maybe one more lens I will lay the vertical piece flat along the bottom (pictured below) or situate it in between the camera and lens so that it fits as necessary. If I am out shooting for the day and I know there will be no rain, I will normally keep my camera on my shoulder or around my neck. This will allow me to keep 1 lens on the camera and I’ll have two other lenses in the bag if needed. So I will keep the foam as pictured above.


(Pictured below) Inside the main compartment I have a Fujinon 55 – 200 f3.5 – 4.8, a Rokinon 8mm fisheye, and a blower to remove dust on the lenses as needed.


(Pictured below) In the very front pocket I have 4 camera batteries and a baggy with a couple of q tips and some Zeiss lens wipes inside in case I need to clean the lenses.


(Pictured below) There is another pretty decent sized space between the front pocket and the main compartment where one could put a little notepad, pens, keys, and other accessories.


(Pictured below) There is a back pouch which is advertised to carry a gun if one is conceal carrying but I use this for a rain jacket or a book that I may be currently reading.


Pictured below is everything outside of the bag. Side note… the pouch that is holding the water bottle is sold separately. This pouch is actually for a walkie talkie but it fits a water bottle really well. When I went on my shoot with this bag instead of the water bottle I put my speed light there. My plan is to get another pouch exactly like that one for the other side so that I can carry both a water bottle and a flash, two flashes, or two water bottles depending on what I am doing.


This has become my everyday pack that I generally take everywhere so that I always have my camera on me. This bag is completely modular so you could add other accessories and pouches to the sides or front as needed. All in all I am pleased with this bag and this has become my favorite camera bag. This bag would be more ideal for those who shoot with smaller cameras such as mirrorless cameras, film SLRs, rangefinder cameras, or point and shoot cameras. One might be able to fit a smaller DLSR like a Canon Rebel inside but I’m not 100% sure. If you have one like that and are interested you could go to your local Army Navy store and try it out. I hope this has been helpful. If so please comment and share. If you have a bag particular bag that works for you leave it in the comments below.