TheLeashby PeakDesign

A couple of months ago I purchased a new camera strap, The Leash, by Peak Design.


There are two different adjustable loops, one on each side of the neck strap (circled in black in the photo above). To adjust the length while its around your neck, simple slip your finger through the loop and adjust. The camera strap came with two sets of anchors (circled in white in the photo above). The anchors stay attached to your camera and they latch into the end of the strap. Since The Leash comes with two sets of anchors one could use the second set as a back up, or if you are like me, put them on a second camera.

Build Quality

The Leash is just a little thinner built than it’s bigger brother, The Slide. It’s made out of a strong seatbelt like material that feels comfortable around the neck or shoulder. The Leash and it’s anchors are built to withstand 200 pounds of force. The Leash is adjusted from about 32 inches to about 57 inches in length. One could use this as a neck strap or over the shoulder and across the body. It’s about 3/4 of an inch wide and weighs about 3oz.

Final Thoughts

I have 5 go to cameras for different reasons, the Bronica ETRS, Fuji XT 10, Canon Elan 7e, Minolta Hi Matic AF2, and the Fuji GS645. Since I liked The Leash so well I decided to purchase another. This would allow me to attach the anchors to 4 out of 5 of my go to cameras. Now I can switch cameras quickly by only using 1 or 2 neck straps between 4 cameras. While I could possibly use The Leash on the Bronica, because of how big it is, The Slide would most likely be a better fit for it, which I may end up purchasing. The Leash is comfortable, durable and tough, as well as sleek looking with a minimalist design. After 20 plus years of doing photography, The Leash is by far the best camera strap I’ve ever owned. I’m now interested in checking out other products made by Peak Design, such as their camera bags.