Interested in taking your photography to the next level by learning flash photography? 

The photo above was shot in this guy’s living room and used for his album cover.

Original unedited version to the album cover. 


1. more control of the light falling on your subject

2. more control over the ambient / available light. 

3. The ability to shape the light around your subject.

4. You can still make light from flash look like available light. 

5. Once you learn how light works you can have a mobile studio and even shoot OUTSIDE for studio looking portraits

6. If your client wants a particular look that cannot be done without flash, you can provide it for them and get them what they want. 

The photo above was shot with a speed light inside of an octabox.

The image above was shot with a speed light in an octabox with just enough to light for a little fill. I tried to keep the image looking like natural light as much as possible. 

This was shot outside at dusk to make a studio looking shot. 

In this image the flash was placed directly behind the subject to create a silhouette.  


We will go over shooting in manual mode.

We will talk about how to use ISO, aperture, and shutter speed to get the look you want.

We will talk about different lighting modifiers. 

Another shot in a living room. 


$40 for a 1.5 hour lesson. 

$60 for a 3 hour lesson.

$35 per person for a mini workshop. The mini workshop is 3 hours and we must have 3 to 4 people. Grab some friends and save $5 and gain some more time for learning.