​Back in the day most photographers assisted a photographer or a few photographers for quite a long time before going out on their own. This was a much needed learning process and I believe it still is. 

Now we go to Best Buy and start a photography business within days or weeks…

I know photography is not the same as it once was, but light, and exposure, and the inverse square law, and how modifiers affect light, and lens compression, amongst many other things have not changed. It’s a learning process. I realize we have information overload at the stroke of a few keys on the keyboard, but I think there’s something that’s irreplaceable about having a mentor or a few that one shadows at weddings, events, and on portrait shoots. I believe there is soemthing irreplaceable about having that in person teacher-student relationship and learning experience. 
We can do what we wish. I hope the best for everyone. I just hate seeing people waste their time and money. I hate seeing people being on cloud nine and then disappointment hits when their images don’t look like they want them too. Disappointment sets in over clients. Disappointment sets in over business aspects of photography. 

Photography is a passion of mine and I’ve seen countless people be on fire for it, disappointment, failure, and frustration set in and they quit a year later.
Would you continue to do photography if you knew you’d never make a dime on it? 
“Photography calls many, but chooses few” – Zack Arias