copyright Olan Mills

It’s said that any guy can help make a baby, but it takes a real man to help raise that baby. No one is perfect. We all have our short comings. We all make our mistakes in life. What makes us better people is realizing that we made mistakes and being able admit them, apologize for them, and grow from those mistakes. My father left us when I was in second grade. Since that point my sister and I had a rocky relationship with him which was later restored 10 fold, and we miss him dearly.

However, my mom remarried a guy from our church. This man took me under his wing and treated me like I was his own. We watched sports on T.V. together, we went to Dallas Mavericks games together, and he taught me about cars and the used car business. Most importantly, he loved Jesus. He was a good example to my sister and I of what a father and husband should be. He treated my mom well. He listened to me whenever I needed someone to talk to. More importantly he showed me/us love. He never really told me he loved me, but he didn’t have to. I knew he loved me (and my sister) by his actions.

Now, as I am an adult, I am in a similar role as I have been divorced and remarried. I have a beautiful daughter from my previous marriage and a beautiful daughter with my wife. I also have a stepson. I love both of my biological children with all of my heart and I love my stepson as he is my biological child as well. It’s proven that kids that grow up without fathers are more likely to have troubled childhoods and grow up to be adults with serious issues. I would have to assume that there are some children who grow up with fathers who are not good examples of what fathers should be, and end up with the same, or similar issues.

I have been blessed with a step dad that did the best he could and that helped raise me into the man I have become. If I can be half the father to my children as he was a stepdad to me, then I will feel that I’ve done well as a dad. I/we love you Don Hagin and you will be missed greatly. See you on the other side!