Today we went to Chuck E. Cheese and I brought along the Minolta Hi Matic AF2. This camera is one of my all time favorite cameras. New years 2017 I brought this camera along with us on a trip to San Diego, California and made many great images. 

This camera has a pretty fast 38mm f2.8 lens with a 46mm thread mount for filters. The camera is a semi automatic camera with the only control being the ISO. The camera will automatically select the aperture and shutter speed. Film advance and rewind are manual. There is also an optional pop up flash. The camera is powered by two AA batteries. The only thing I wish this camera had, given its majority of auto settings, is that the ISO went higher than 400. ISO 1600 would be amazing, and I’d even be happy with ISO 800. 

While the maximum ISO setting  is pretty low for “today’s standard”, ISO 400 has not really let me down and I’ve made many fantastic pictures with this camera. I like how the camera feels in the hand, as well as the size.  It’s a feather weight around the neck and can easily fit in the front pocket of a hoodie. I love the fact that I can set the ISO and pretty much just point and shoot. For me, especially capturing images of the kids or out on the street while doing street photography capturing the moment is a necessity and the Minolta Hi Matic AF2 has not let me down within the couple of years I’ve owned it. If you’re interested in getting into film photography or wanting a “set it and forget it” type of camera you can find this camera and similar others relatively inexpensive. No matter what camera you own as my buddy Amar Talwar would say, “Go create your magic!” Happy shooting!