It’s obvious that people who share certain things in common, especially what they are passionate about, tend to have some sort of connection over people who don’t share certain things in common. One of my passions is photography,  and film photography in particular. Many in the film photography community know that Fuji have stopped production of their Acros 100 line and the pro packs are gone. I bought as many as I could only certain I heard the last announement. I decided to do a project with the last rolls of Fuji Acros that I have. The project is photographing other photographers with that film.  

Meanwhile, a fellow photographer has been interested in purchasing a lot of photography books from me but we live sorta far apart and it’s been hard to connect. I finally decided to head over their way and “kill a few birds with one stone.” In the town that photographer works is a very scenic downtown area as well as a candy store / vintage camera / film photography shop and lab. 

I had announced in the North Texas Film Photography Group that’d I’d be in downtown McKinney and if anyone wanted to meet up I’d be happy to. Before I got there I recieved a notification from another fellow photographer that they were nearby and would be willing to meet up. Once I got there I saw him and made a few photos of him. I then ended up circling the block a few times and made some random photos with one of the two cameras I had with me (Minolta Hi Matic af II). I decided to sit for a while and wait for Goodies to open up and kill some time in there while I awaited to deliver the books to the fellow photographer. As I was sitting I noticed a gentleman walking past with a familiar looking camera. I decided to approach him and strike up conversation. He had with him the same camera that I’ve been shooting with for years and that was passed down to me from my dad, the Bronica.  He informed me that he was in the North Texas Film Photography Group and saw my post. We ended up talking about photography and the Bronica. We ended up parting ways and I made my way into Goodies to talk to the owner about photography, caneras, film, and Fuji Acros. 

That morning ended up being a very cool experience as I got to spend a little bit of time with three different photographers and deliver the books to their new owner. I made a few images that may or may not be award winning shots but their are meaningful to me.