Question: Which is the “best” / most versatile light modifier for portraits?

Answer: The bounce/shoot through umbrella (60″)

Question: Why?


The 60″ can be had for around $30 to $40, so it’s fairly inexpensive.

You can photograph a fairly large group with the 60″ umbrella

Or you can photograph 1 person with the 60″ umbrella

The umbrella can be used like… an umbrella

You can bounce the light into it.

You can shoot the light through it so it spreads and scatters the light everywhere.

You can shoot the light into it with the umbrella partially closed and you can use it just like a soft box (you cannot use a soft box like an umbrella)

If you have the right light stand you can also close it down and use it light a beauty dish (you cannot use a beauty dish like an umbrella)

I rest my case! 🙂

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