How well do you know your camera? I am not talking about how the shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO work. I am not talking about whether you’ve looked into the user manual to figure out some features it offers. I am talking about using your camera in the field. Back around 2000 I met photographer Zack Arias. He had become a mentor of mine for a little while before he moved. One of the things he said that was required of him during photography school was that they had to know their camera. One of their tests in school required them to be blind folded. The teacher would call out shutter speeds and f stops and they would have to remember where they were currently at and then adjust the camera to the settings the teacher called out. Now that is knowing your camera. This is beneficial because in the field professionals are expected to be professional. Part of being professional is knowing ones gear. If as professionals we can change settings on the fly that is just one more notch in the belt towards mastering our art and craft. This might be a great technique to practice with a fellow photographer who is also wanting to master their gear.