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Another Street Portrait Adventure

My background in photography has mainly been portrait photography both on location, in the studio, with flash, and without flash. However, I’ve been following street photographers online for several years now and I have dabbled a little in the genre a few times. Over the last month or so I have really taken on making street portraits. I’ve combined street photography with my photography background, and I must say, doing street portraits has brought a fresh of breath air to photography for me. I have already met and photographed so many interesting people. I’ve been able to experiment with a few different types of films and processes and I think I have found my niche. I really like shooting with Fomapan 400 film and using a flash to illuminate my subject. I use a diffuser on the flash to soften the light a bit and I prefer to get in as close as I feel my subject will allow. Of course, at times there are those portraits where I feel I need to get a little bit of the scene around my subject. As this year comes to a close, I will be publishing a 2017 Street Portraits zine in early 2018. Be on the lookout!




Getting into photography on the cheap…

I recently did a poll in a few different facebook photography groups. The average amount spent on a DSLR kit was $1500. Given, some people stated they spent $4,000 or $5,000 on their last DSLR kit while others spend $500 to $800.

Do you want to get into photography and cannot afford to spend $1500 or even $1000 on a camera and lens. Maybe you cannot even afford $800… No worries… you can get professional looking images for $400 or less. 

Introducing the Pentax K1000… 

I picked up this camera and 35mm f2.8 lens for $50. Both are in good working condition and the lens is in near mint condition. This Kentmere ISO 400 film can be had for around $3 per roll.

Yes, you’ll need some extras… if you want to keep it on the cheap still you’ll need to purchase film developer,stop bath (some do without this), and fixer as well as a tank and reel and a scanner. I picked up a Canon canoscan 9000F mark II on sale for around $150. Even when. Otherwise on sale it can be had for around $169 to $179 on Amazon.

If you don’t want to get on the developing side of things there are other options as well. There are still labs that will develop and scan your film into digital files for around $20 per roll. Some labs are less, some are more. Another option is you can scan yourself and get the labs to develop the film for around $6 per rolls.
So for under an intial $400 or less you can start to make high quality professional looking photos, given you know exposure as this is an all manual camera. But hey.. even if you don’t know exposure you’re not going to make the best images possible, even on digital. There are also older film cameras that do offer some auto settings and can be had for not much more and maybe even less than this old classic.

Yes, we are in the digital age and while many may disagree about this approach some just cannot afford to spend hundreds up front on a camera system. This way can be a great option if you just want to get out and create photos on a tight budget. This way will allow you to “pay as you go” in a sense instead of dropping  $500, $800, or even $1000 all up front. 

NTxFP Meet up: 12.09.17

On the second Saturday of every month the North Texas Film Photography group meets up for what’s called the Second Saturday Social. Sometimes the group meets up just to have some coffee and talk photography, and other times the group does both and goes on a photo walk. Here is the gear I used and some of the images that I made during the photo walk.

Gear used:

  • Bronica ETRS
  • Zenzanon 75mms F2.8
  • Ilford Delta 400
  • Vivitar 285hv flash
  • Diffuser on flash
  • Developed in Ilfotec DD-X








Street Portraits with Fomapan 100

I have been doing street portraits for about a month now, and I am still trying to find my “style”. I’ve been experimenting with different films and lighting techniques. Sunday, December 10 2017, I hit the streets again loaded with Fomapan 100 to see what the pictures would look like. This was the first time I’ve shot Fomapan 100. The results and gear used are below.


  • Bronica ETRS
  • Zenzanon 75mm F2,8 lens
  • Fomapan 100
  • Vivitar 285 flash mounted on speed grip





Lomography Cine 400 :: You be the judge…

In the summer of 2017 I took a photography class called Toy and Vintage Cameras. At the end of the class I received a variety of films to shoot. One film in particular that I was excited to expose was Lomo Cine 400 film. Lomography only produced 4,000 rolls of this film so to find it now it might be difficult. I honestly don’t feel like rambling on any further so here are some of the results. I will say if I ever do get a chance to shoot this film again I would like to shoot it with more light and maybe overexpose it by 1 stop. Leave a comments below and let me know what you think.






AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 400 Film

So a buddy of mine, @vladiballs89, talked me into trying out some film that I had never shot. I loaded a roll of Vista Plus 400 into the Nikon RF2 and shot a test roll. I was surprised, yet pleased, with some of the colors I got. The first few pictures were made at the Fort Worth Stockyards one Sunday morning. A few weeks later I decided to try and shoot some fall color at a park near my house. I really like the saturation of this inexpensive film. While this roll of film was shot with an inexpensive point and shoot camera, I would like to shoot a roll in a more controlled environment, like a portrait session with the Canon Elan 7e. Next time I shoot this I will also overexpose the film by a stop to see what kind of results that produces. Below are the results from my first outing with this film…

(film was developed at Lone Star Darkroom and scanned by myself on a Canon Canoscan 9000 F Mark II. All images are straight from scans with no post processing in post production except to remove dust spots)









Several months ago I was in Half Price Books and came across a book about the musician Beck. Since the mid 1990s he’s been one of my favorite artists. I bought the book and thumbed through it briefly until recently. 

The book is made up of lots and lots of pictures from his shows, behind the scenes, and random pictures while on tour and in the studio. Part of the book is conversations with his photographer, Autumn De Wilde. I found the book to be very interesting and I believe is a must get if you’re into photography, music, or both. This has become one of my favorite photos books. 
(Excuse my poor images as the photos of the book were taken with my cell phone)

One thing I found most interesting and awesome was that all images in the book were shot on 35mm, 120 film, or instant film. 

Street Portraits with Alex, Clint, & Vlad: 01.02.17

On Friday December 2nd 2017 I met up with 3 fellow photographers at Cold Beer Company in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas, Texas for a cold brew, a bite to eat, and some good company. Once the sun dropped, after a bite to eat, and some good conversation, The Photastic 4 hit the streets to document the night.

While I am still experimenting with my set up, Friday night was the first time I shot on the streets at night doing street portraits. Instead of shooting with the flash off camera triggered by the wireless newer trigger and receiver, I had the flash mounted on the speed grip off to camera right a bit. I also had a diffuser mounted on the flash to soften the light. Below is what was used and some of the shots:

Gear used:

  • Bronica ETRS
  • 75mm F2.8 Zenzanon lens
  • Vivitar 285hv flash
  • Fomapan 400 film shot box speed






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My all time most favoritest camera…

The Bronica ETRS. 

This was my dads. 

He shot many weddings with it. 

He gave it to me when I graduated photography school in 2001. 

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