Fuji x100f

A few years ago I decided that I wanted a compact digital camera that I could take just about everywhere with me so that I could photograph my children, anything I found interesting, and just document every day life. After doing some extensive research and after already owning a Fuji brand camera in the past (the Fuji xt10), I decided to go with the Fuji x100 series. I knew I wanted to buy a used camera so that I could save a little cash. Shout out to Used Photo Pro , MPB , and KEH , which is where I purchase most of my used gear from. Just about the time I decided to make the purchase the newest version of the Fuji x100 series was released, the Fuji X100v. So inevitably the previous version dropped in price. I found a used copy of the x100f that was practically new, with only a few hundred shots taken on it.

Once I got the camera I set up some custom profiles and looks that I wanted to use as the Fuji digital cameras have very good film simulations within the interface. I started taking this camera everywhere with me. I really enjoy the semi wide angle 35mm equivalent lens that is attached. I find it to be a really good focal length to capture the majority of scenes that I want to photograph. However, me being mostly a portrait photographer over the years, I knew I wanted to eventually use the x100f for a portrait shoot. So that’s exactly what I did.