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Photography Meetups BTS

Photography meetups are a great way to connect and network with others in the photography community. I pulled these photos out of the archive from February of 2012.

RIP Harry Steelman. You are missed. 

Camera: Canon 7D
Location: Tyler, Texas 2/2012
Model: Kari J Kramer

Shooting Into The Light

When using flash I like to experiment at times and try different lighting techniques. I wanted to get a silhouette look but I didn’t have a white background available. I thought “what if I put the light source (softbox) directly behind the subject?” Yes… In these two photos the softbox IS the actual background.

These two images are straight out of camera with no post processing. I shot these black and white JPG.

Fuji xt 10

Fujinon 60mm f2.8 macro lens

Work The Angles. Work The light.

The most important thing in photography is light (either ambient or flash) and knowing how to use it. Off camera flash can bring a completely different dynamic to a shoot, specially depending upon your surroundings or the environment you’re working in. Working the angles and getting in close can help as well. The first image in this article is basically showing the environment we were working in. We were at a park, under a pavilion, surrounded by picnic tables.

Using flash and different angles I was able to “get away” from the “shooting at a park” look which was my intent.

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